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Site Building

At HostSurfing.com, we are committed to providing quality Websites at affordable prices.

Our base prices for Websites are as follows:

  • Simple WordPress site
    • $350
  • Complex WordPress site
    • $500
  • Simple Joomla site
    • $750
  • Complex Joomla site
    • $1000

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Custom Templates

On top of Site Building, we offer Custom Templates for WordPress and Joomla.

Our base Template prices are as follows:

  • Custom WordPress Template
    • $100
  • Custom Joomla Template
    • $200

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Web Hosting

HostSurfing.com does not provide stand alone web hosting. See under “Bundles” if you are interested in including hosting with your website, and/or template

The Web Hosting we provide in the bundles is provided by HostGator.com. We have been using HostGator religiously since 2008 and they haven’t let us down yet. They guarantee 99.9% up-time which we pass on to you.

When combining hosting in a bundle, you will automatically receive three (3) free email addresses (email@yourdomain.com) with your account. On top of the email accounts, you will get unlimited space and bandwidth, meaning it doesn’t matter how many thousands of people visit your site each day, it will still perform seamlessly


  • Website + Template.
    • Website + 50% “Base Template” price
  • Web Hosting
    • Website + $50/Year

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